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Shepherd Research Lab

About Us

What we do

The Shepherd Research Lab (SRL) is a group of research scientists that create novel imaging biomarkers for the detection of risk for cancer and metabolic diseases. Our mission is to act as a translational catalyst between computational imaging science and cancer research.

Who are we?

About John A. Shepherd, PhD

Dr. Shepherd is a Professor/Researcher and Interim Deputy Director/Chief Scientific Officer at the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center. Most of his academic research involves developing novel biomarkers for a variety of imaging modalities including dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) scan for bone density and body composition, mammography for breast density and tissue textural measures as risk factors for breast cancer, and 3-D optical whole body scanning for quantifying body shape as a risk factor for metabolic diseases. For the graduate students on our team, he works as an advisor to provide everyone with resources and professional connects to ensure that they meet their career goals.

If you are interested in collaborating with SRL, we recommend you spend some time perusing Dr. Shepherd’s research interests and read a couple of his recent publications.

Meet our team

At SRL, we are a group of research scientists innovating the ways that we detect cancer and metabolic risk through medical imaging. Along with how this benefits all areas of health, we are especially proud of the benefits that our studies can bring to our local community on ‘Oahu.

Evening Reception at IBDW 2023

Publication Celebration Lunch in 2022

White Elephant Holiday Party 2021

Happy Aloha Friday from the Shepherd Research Lab!

White Elephant Holiday Party 2018

UHCC End of the Year Review 2019

SRL at IBDW 2019

Summer Interns Farewell Lunch

Visiting Kīlauea at the 2023 IBDW

Meet our partners

Our research is also supported by a number of companies who assist us through funding and collaboration.

UH Cancer Center

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center is one of only 71 research organizations in the U.S. designated by the NCI and the only one in the Pacific. This designation, continuous since 1996, requires stringent and constant evaluation, and gives the UH Cancer Center the distinction of being among the best cancer research institutions in the world.

The UH Cancer Center is an organized research unit within the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and is located on the island of Oʻahu. Completed in 2013, the world-class Cancer Center building is home to 300 research faculty and staff.


Looking for our services?

We have a lab facility within the University of Hawai’i Cancer that offers measurements pertaining to Body Composition, Exercise Physiology, and Energy Metabolism. Visit the Body Composition Lab website to learn more.