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Shepherd, John

Comparison of the Pediatric and Adult DXA Algorithms Using the NHANES Pediatric Population and a Semiquantitative Scoring Method Conference

"Pediatric Analysis of the NHANES Data Meeting, National Center for Health Statistics", 2001.

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Shepherd, John

Quality Assurance in Bone Densitometry Conference

First Chinese DXA Quality Assurance Workshop, 2001.

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Shepherd, John

Quality Assurance in Multicenter Clinical Trials Conference

Bone Health Grant User’s Investigators Meeting, 2001.

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Shepherd, John

Quality Assurance Site Initialization and Maintenance Conference

First Chinese DXA Quality Assurance Workshop, 2001.

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Lu, Y; Genant, H K; Shepherd, J; Zhao, S; Mathur, A; Fuerst, T P; Cummings, S R

Classification of osteoporosis based on bone mineral densities Journal Article

In: J Bone Miner Res, 16 (5), pp. 901-10, 2001, ISSN: 0884-0431 (Print) 0884-0431 (Linking).

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Brismar, T; Shepherd, J A; von Scheven, E; Genant, H K

Whole-Body Bone Mineral Apparent Density (WBMAD) - Introduction of a New Variable for Evaluation of Paediatric Skeletal Status Journal Article

In: Osteoporosis International, 11 (Suppl 3), pp. S18, 2000.

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Diessel, E; Shepherd, J A; Fuerst, T; Gonzalez, M; Genant, H K; Carew, B; Looker, A

Comparison of two phantoms for body composition with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry Journal Article

In: Ann N Y Acad Sci, 904 , pp. 107-10, 2000, ISSN: 0077-8923 (Print) 0077-8923 (Linking).

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Genant, H K; Li, J; Wu, C Y; Shepherd, J A

Vertebral fractures in osteoporosis: a new method for clinical assessment Journal Article

In: J Clin Densitom, 3 (3), pp. 281-90, 2000, ISSN: 1094-6950 (Print) 1094-6950 (Linking).

Links | BibTeX | Tags: Absorptiometry, Aged, Bone Density, complications, diagnostic imaging, epidemiology, etiology, Female, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Osteoporosis, Photon, Prevalence, Risk Factors, Spinal Fractures


Shepherd, J A; Njeh, C; Cheng, X; Toschke, J; Fuerst, T; Genant, H K

Osteoporosis Diagnostic Comparison of Six Forearm Bone Densitometers Journal Article

In: Submitted to the J. Bone and Miner. Research in the Fall of 2000., 2000.

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Swarnakar, V; Prevrhal, P; Kerlikowske, K; Cummings, S; Genant, H K; Shepherd, J A

A Mammographic Density Reading Service for Clinical Drug Trials Conference

RSNA, 2000.

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Shepherd, John

Bone Densitometry in 1999: Hits and Misses of the Classification of WHO of 1994 Conference


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Shepherd, John

Definitions in Bone Densitometry: Comparison of Different Techniques and Data Homologation Conference

International Symposium of Mercosur Metabolic Bone and Mineral Disease, Invited Lectures, 1999.

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Shepherd, J A; Gruner, S M

Comment on "A Monte Carlo study of x-ray fluorescence in x-ray detectors" [Med. Phys. 26, 905-916 (1999)] [letter] Journal Article

In: Medical Physics, 26 (12), pp. 2706, 1999.

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Kelly, T K; Shepherd, J A

A quality control phantom for DXA body composition measurements Conference

13th International Bone Densitometry Workshop, 8 , Osteoporosis International, 1998.

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Barna, S L; Shepherd, J A; Tate, M W; Wixted, R L; Eikenberry, E F; Gruner, S M

Characteristics of a prototype pixel array detector (PAD) for use in microsecond framing time-resolved x-ray diffraction studies Journal Article

In: IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., 44 (3), pp. 950-956, 1997.

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Elvins, D M; Ring, E F J; Hueting, J E; Stott, J B; Shepherd, J; Steiger, P

Precision study of DXA THR Metal Exclusion Conference

12th International Bone Densitometry Workshop, 7 , Osteoporosis International, 1997.

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Jablonski, M; Gorzelak, M; Shepherd, J A

Precision of bone density measurement around total hip replacements Conference

2nd Baltic Bone Conference, 1997.

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Shepherd, J A; Robinson, D; O’Gara, C; Spector, T

Decubitus lateral vertebral imaging and morphometric analysis using a fan beam absorptiometer Conference

To be presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 1997.

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Shepherd, J A; Gruner, S M; Tate, M T; Tecotzky, M

A Study of Afterglow in X-ray Phosphors for Use on Fast-framing CCD Detectors Journal Article

In: Submitted to the Journal of Optical Engineering. December, 1996., 1996.

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Williams, M B; Shepherd, J A; Sobottka, S E; Kretsinger, R H

Analysis of trade-offs between spatial resolution and detective area in crystallographic detectors for use with large-unit cell crystals Journal Article

In: Journal of Applied Crystallography, 29 (pt.6), pp. 717-26, 1996.

BibTeX | Tags: Crystallographic detectors, Detective area, Efficient acquisition, Large unit cell crystals, Microchannel plates, Multiwire proportional chambers, mwpc, Photon counting detectors, Rotating anode X-ray sources, Spatial resolution, X ray crystallographic data, X-ray crystallography, X-ray detection



Shepherd, JA

Quantum-Limited Area Detectors For Biological Materials Conference

Physics Department, University of the Philippines, 1995.

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Barna, S L; Gruner, S M; Shepherd, J A; Wixted, R L

Development of a Fast Pixel Array Detector for Use in Microsecond Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction Journal Article

In: S.P.I.E.2521: Time Resolved Electron and X-ray Diffraction, pp. 301-309, 1995.

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Shepherd, J A; Tecotzky, M; Gruner, S M; Tate, M W

A study of persistence in gadolinium oxysulfide x-ray phosphors Journal Article

In: SPIE 2519: X-Ray and Ultraviolet Sensors and Applications, pp. 24-30, 1995.

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Shepherd, John

Quantum-Limited Area Detectors for Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction of Biological Materials Conference

Physics Department, Texas Tech University, 1994.

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Shepherd, John

Search for Low Lag Phosphors Conference

Dupont Experimental Station, 1994.

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