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Hinton, Benjamin; Ma, Lin; Mahmoudzadeh, Amir Pasha; Malkov, Serghei; Fan, Bo; Greenwood, Heather; Joe, Bonnie; Lee, Vivian; Kerlikowske, Karla; Shepherd, John

Deep learning methods aid in predicting risk of interval cancer (Conference)

International Workshop on Breast Imaging, 2018.

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Ng, Bennet K; Liu, En Yong; Kelly, Thomas L; Wilson, Kevin E; Shepherd, John A

Radiotransluscent Foam Isolation Blocks Improve Regional Tissue Accuracy in Whole Body DXA Scans (Conference)

International Society for Clinical Densitometry Annual Meeting, 2018.

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Shepherd, John; Piel, Michaela K; Sommer, Markus; Ng, Bennet K; Bourgeois, Briana; Heymsfield, Steven B

Natural Phenotypes of Fat, Lean, and Bone and Their Association to Metabolic Markers (Conference)

International Society for Clinical Densitometry Annual Meeting, 2018.

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Tian, Isaac Y; Ng, Bennett K; Sommer, Markus J; Nguyen, William M; Nie, Yilin; Fan, Bo; Bourgeois, Brianna; Vaisse, Christian; Heymsfield, Steven B; Shepherd, John A; Curless, Brian

Predicting Body Composition from Conventional 2D Photography (Conference)

Obesity Week, 2018.

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Villegas-Valle, Rosa C; Lim, Unhee; Ernst, Thomas; Fan, Bo; Buchthal, Steven D; Ng, Bennett K; Mahmoudzadeh, Amir Pasha; Alvarez-Hernandez, Gerardo; Candia-Plata, Carmen; Diaz-Zavala, Rolando Giovanni; Wilkens, Lynne; Valencia, Mauro E; Marchand, Loic Le; Shepherd, John A

Does Shape of Visceral Adipose (VAT) Influence Cardiometabolic Risk? Observations in a Multi-Ethnic Cohort (Conference)

American Society for Nutrition Annual Meeting, 2018.

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Dhaliwal, Ruban; Shepherd, John A; Ghormli, Laure El; Copeland, Kenneth C; Geffner, Mitchell; Higgins, Janine; Levitsky, Lynne L; Nadeau, Kristen J; Weinstock, Ruth S; White, Neil H

Rosiglitazone Increases Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat in Youth with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in the TODAY Study (Conference)

American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, 67 , American Diabetes Association, 2018.

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Avila, Jesus; Malkov, Serghei; Giger, Maryellen; Drukker, Karen; Shepherd, John A

Energy Dependence of Water and Lipid Calibration Materials for Three-Compartment Breast Imaging (Conference)

International Workshop on Digital Mammography, Springer, 2016.

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Malkov, Serghei; Duewer, Fred; Kerlikowske, Karla; Drukker, Karen; Giger, Maryellen; Shepherd, John

Compositional three-component breast imaging of fibroadenoma and invasive cancer lesions: pilot study (Conference)

International Workshop on Digital Mammography, Springer, 2014.

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Swarnakar, V; Prevrhal, P; Kerlikowske, K; Cummings, S; Genant, H K; Shepherd, J A

A Mammographic Density Reading Service for Clinical Drug Trials (Conference)

RSNA, 2000.

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Kelly, T K; Shepherd, J A

A quality control phantom for DXA body composition measurements (Conference)

13th International Bone Densitometry Workshop, 8 , Osteoporosis International, 1998.

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Jablonski, M; Gorzelak, M; Shepherd, J A

Precision of bone density measurement around total hip replacements (Conference)

2nd Baltic Bone Conference, 1997.

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Shepherd, J A; Robinson, D; O’Gara, C; Spector, T

Decubitus lateral vertebral imaging and morphometric analysis using a fan beam absorptiometer (Conference)

To be presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 1997.

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Elvins, D M; Ring, E F J; Hueting, J E; Stott, J B; Shepherd, J; Steiger, P

Precision study of DXA THR Metal Exclusion (Conference)

12th International Bone Densitometry Workshop, 7 , Osteoporosis International, 1997.

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