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Shepherd Research Lab


The SRL is an academic research group with extensive collaborations around the world. Below you will find links to our current studies led by Dr. Shepherd and the SRL. In addition, you will see a list of the studies where the SRL collaborates by providing services, measures, or expertise. Additional studies related to Quality Assurance can be found on our Quality Assurance page.

Visit Funding Sources for information on our ongoing awards and sponsorships.


Our studies pertaining to cancer, especially breast cancer. The goals of these studies include estimating the probability of breast cancer and improving early cancer detection.


Studies that utilize AI, machine learning, or deep learning. We use these technologies to assess human health, discover trends in health risks, and to predict the risk of disease.

Body Composition

These studies use 2D and 3D images to measure aspects of body composition and health. We use tools such as 3D optical scans, bioimpedance analysis, and DXA scans.

For links to our publications and presentations, see Publications.